Sunday, 11 July 2010

Orienteering State Series event

Today the foot bush orienteering State Series event was held on the "Jim Crow" map down Basalt Rd outside Daylesford, Victoria.

We left Melbourne before 8 am in bright sunshine and little breeze and an hour later in the Daylesford area we were in a pea soup fog and only 6 degrees C.

As our club, Bayside Kangaroos, was hosting the event we were all rostered to help and it was cold work for those putting out controls, setting up, parking and doing registration and starts!

The fog started lifting around 11 am though we didn't see sunshine until heading back to Melbourne on the freeway.

Mine was good course and I placed third and only went off track once when I took the wrong spur near control #7.  The terrain had some good hills and it was slow going with lots of debris underfoot as well as slippery from rain, damp and moss.

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Philly LC said...

The photos capture the changing mood of the day, especially the appearance of sunshine creating warmth followed by the suns early exit and the temperature dropping quickly. The start/finish is in a beautiful gully but the wind always channels through and adds to the cold. A delightful illustration of a fun Orienteering event. Thanks!