Wednesday, 29 February 2012

1930's Quilt Coming Along

My 1930's reproduction quilt in half square triangles is coming along - the top is done. It is now up to my daughter to decide on the backing fabric! She's thinking something plain with a strip of prints across it.

Another idea would be a zig zag. Hmmm!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Old Friend

Kathy's recent post about her old friend (panda bear) from childhood prompted me to take a pic of mine. A while ago my mother in law passed on my husband's childhood teddy bear as she has downsized her house to a unit. Ted's presence made me decide to bring back my toy from my parents' home when we visited over Christmas. Meet - "Little Joe".

I have had him - he's a clown - since I was a baby and he was made by my aunty Elaine, Mum's sister. My aunty also made those fabulous PJs for one of my birthdays when his clown suit had worn out. You might notice also the blanket stitching around some holes in his face and hands ... I patched him up when I was in primary school and he won "Best Loved Toy" at the church fete!

My husband's teddy:

I've washed his dusty trousers but I'm not sure how the spiffy jacket would hold up!

My younger brother had a panda very similar to Kathy's and he was also given a long-legged clown, who was named "Big Joe", by the same aunty.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Flowers at Kiama Show

While on holiday at Kiama in January I popped into the Agricultural Show. It was a fun old style one with wood chopping, showjumping and a well stocked pavilion. I particularly liked the produce and flowers entries which you don't see much of in the city shows.

1930's Quilt Underway

Over the holidays my daughter was rummaging round in my stash (with permission!) and pulled out some 1930's charm squares and scraps and some hankie linen. A week later we have a half square triangle quilt. We will have to decide how to finish it off - just binding or some kind of border?