Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tea Cosy

My friend, Colleen, thought the teapot at Vickery Quilt and Craft Retreat looked a bit naked last month so she whipped up a crocheted tea cosy for it! Thanks Colleen ... now the tea will stay nice and warm too.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Plenty River event - Melbush O

Last Sunday's event saw a wet start with some slippery mountain bike single tracks to contend with, as well as wet grass and bushes, plus a persistent light drizzle.

I decided on the B course again as it was hard navigation rather than moderate for the C, but a little longer than I am used to at 4.7km. It all went fine until control #8 when there was a new track, that didn't appear on the map, situated only about 10 metres before the one I really need to turn onto. I wasn't the only one searching for the "small depression" that the control was located on and I was feeling a bit of a "depression" coming on myself ... however by relocating back to the intersecting track I managed to find it and continued on my merry way. I was happy with my time and navigation, except for that one delay!

There was a large mob of eastern grey kangaroos in the out of bounds area, obviously quite used to living so near to humans with all the housing construction going on in what used to be a sheep property next to the Park, by the look of things.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


The days have been full, not much time to think of posting to my neglected blog. M16 is into his third week of school holidays and F20 is on Uni holidays which seem to go for ever! We have done some shopping, I visited the great Eugene von Geurard exhibition at the NGV's Ian Potter gallery with Philippa, M16 went to two careers events, a junior orienteers training camp and worked on his Yr 10 personal project, while F20 went to the Southern Uni Games in Geelong (where her hockey team picked up the silver medal) and then on a trip to the snow.

I also went on the orienteering camp, which was in and around Beechworth VIC, as one of the "responsible adults" ... and it was quite fun and very worthwhile. It was a  joint camp with the NSW kids and the coaches provided lots of valuable information and set good courses. While the kids from the two states didn't mix much, the Victorians got to know each other much better ahead of the Aust. Champs for which many of them will qualify and attend.

There was a lot of running on granite terrain as that is the sort which will feature at the Aust. Champs. Even the sprint or short distance is in the bush on granite  so I reckon I might save my entry fee on that one, as speed over rocky ground is not one of my virtues.

Not much sewing has been done unless mending counts! I have managed to add a hanging sleeve to my entry for the Quilt Showcase at the Craft and Quilt Fair, however.

I've also attended my Census Officer training and reviewed my area of approx. 440 dwellings and prepared my materials ... writing the ID number on 900 forms and envelopes! Census Day is Tuesday 9 August and we start delivering forms and eCensus password envelopes on 29 July. I'd encourage everyone to do it online, much quicker and easier!