Monday, 25 July 2011

Plenty River event - Melbush O

Last Sunday's event saw a wet start with some slippery mountain bike single tracks to contend with, as well as wet grass and bushes, plus a persistent light drizzle.

I decided on the B course again as it was hard navigation rather than moderate for the C, but a little longer than I am used to at 4.7km. It all went fine until control #8 when there was a new track, that didn't appear on the map, situated only about 10 metres before the one I really need to turn onto. I wasn't the only one searching for the "small depression" that the control was located on and I was feeling a bit of a "depression" coming on myself ... however by relocating back to the intersecting track I managed to find it and continued on my merry way. I was happy with my time and navigation, except for that one delay!

There was a large mob of eastern grey kangaroos in the out of bounds area, obviously quite used to living so near to humans with all the housing construction going on in what used to be a sheep property next to the Park, by the look of things.

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