Monday, 22 February 2010

New fabric

When the dollar was buying a lot of US$ in December '09 I ordered some beautiful fabric from Hancocks of Paducah in the "French Generals Rouenneries" range by Moda. I couldn't resist a pack of 36 fat quarters of the whole range and also chose some yardage for background and borders as well as beautiful extra wide fabric for backing, enough for two quilts. Very good value! Unfortunately some items ran out of stock and went onto back order so I received three separate parcels (that was the good bit) and the FQ only just came. They were much admired by my quilting group Connected Quilters on Friday. Below are pics of the bundle and my favourite print.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Quilting bee

I had a lovely time yesterday with seven other quilters making two tops for quilts to be given to a women's refuge. We met in Ashburton and, although it was quite hot weather (35 C), the fans kept us cool and we almost completed both tops. It was amazing how good the "ordinary looking" burgundy and green fabrics came up when combined with white in this pattern from the Red Pepper Quilts blog.

The finished top was 11 x 11 squares and will be backed with the pretty floral in the top picture. The quilting will be done in Bendigo.

The second top was made using some donated blocks in reproduction prints and was combined with similar prints from Jan's collection of donated fabrics left over from the bush fire relief quilting bees in 2009. We all felt it made a very attractive pattern. The last border is pieced and will be completed by Maggie at home.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dip Favourite

My version of the delicious Basil Pesto dip my sister-in-law from the Gold Coast (Qld) made for our visit in January. I have lots of basil in the garden so just had to get some pine nuts and cashews to add to pantry ingredients. I had a bit of trouble blending it finely enough as I don't have a food processor, it got a bit bogged down in the blender. However it is still delicious and got the tick of approval from the family. And it smells great too!

Just right for nibbling on while watching the winter olympics highlights, the events are quite foreign to most of us here in Australia!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Kris Kringle Gift

My artistic friend, Colleen, gave me this photo montage of yellow flowers as my Kris Kringle gift and I have it in my sewing room where it is especially welcome as I have a very limited view from my window!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO)

Yesterday I accompanied my husband and son (14) to one of the Summer Series MTBO events, and only my second event ever. It was held at Eltham/Diamond Creek on the outskirts of Melbourne, on a map called "Diamond Search". Summer series events are held about every two weeks on Saturdays at 6:00 pm and require competitors to visit as many of the 20 controls as they can in the 75 minutes time limit. Controls are worth 20 points each but there is a 10 points per minute penalty if you return late! Only two riders managed to visit all 20, my husband had a top ride and got 16, my son (returning from injury) got 11 and I got 8. I was pleased with my effort - no spills, only one tiny navigation mistake and used my time well without being late. I stuck mainly to the paved shared path area and streets along the creek and railway to the west (left) of the map, the boys also ventured over to the east where the big hills and aqueduct were.

There was quite a big turn out of riders of all ages, probably over 80 people. It was a nice mild evening with cloud cover, a welcome relief after our run of warm humid weather. The refreshments and BBQ sausages and cheese toasties at the finish were well received. The next event is the 20th February at the You Yangs (see

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Folded Japanese Squares

I have been making these quilt as you go squares from my left over Japanese fabrics for some time. They are great to take along as hand sewing so I have been in no hurry to "finish". Two friends from my group Connected Quilters have completed quilts from the same pattern - one in indigo and cream Japanese fabrics, the other in an eclectic modern mix and another friend is making them using 1930's prints. The pattern is from the book "Quilt - handmade style" by Ruth van Haeff and Janine Flew. The pattern uses 81 squares but it can be adapted to other sizes and I am considering two wall panels rather than a quilt.

My friend at Lake Eildon may use this pattern for a group challenge quilt after seeing mine last weekend. What a view she has from her sewing room!