Thursday, 11 February 2010

Folded Japanese Squares

I have been making these quilt as you go squares from my left over Japanese fabrics for some time. They are great to take along as hand sewing so I have been in no hurry to "finish". Two friends from my group Connected Quilters have completed quilts from the same pattern - one in indigo and cream Japanese fabrics, the other in an eclectic modern mix and another friend is making them using 1930's prints. The pattern is from the book "Quilt - handmade style" by Ruth van Haeff and Janine Flew. The pattern uses 81 squares but it can be adapted to other sizes and I am considering two wall panels rather than a quilt.

My friend at Lake Eildon may use this pattern for a group challenge quilt after seeing mine last weekend. What a view she has from her sewing room!

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