Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO)

Yesterday I accompanied my husband and son (14) to one of the Summer Series MTBO events, and only my second event ever. It was held at Eltham/Diamond Creek on the outskirts of Melbourne, on a map called "Diamond Search". Summer series events are held about every two weeks on Saturdays at 6:00 pm and require competitors to visit as many of the 20 controls as they can in the 75 minutes time limit. Controls are worth 20 points each but there is a 10 points per minute penalty if you return late! Only two riders managed to visit all 20, my husband had a top ride and got 16, my son (returning from injury) got 11 and I got 8. I was pleased with my effort - no spills, only one tiny navigation mistake and used my time well without being late. I stuck mainly to the paved shared path area and streets along the creek and railway to the west (left) of the map, the boys also ventured over to the east where the big hills and aqueduct were.

There was quite a big turn out of riders of all ages, probably over 80 people. It was a nice mild evening with cloud cover, a welcome relief after our run of warm humid weather. The refreshments and BBQ sausages and cheese toasties at the finish were well received. The next event is the 20th February at the You Yangs (see

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