Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dip Favourite

My version of the delicious Basil Pesto dip my sister-in-law from the Gold Coast (Qld) made for our visit in January. I have lots of basil in the garden so just had to get some pine nuts and cashews to add to pantry ingredients. I had a bit of trouble blending it finely enough as I don't have a food processor, it got a bit bogged down in the blender. However it is still delicious and got the tick of approval from the family. And it smells great too!

Just right for nibbling on while watching the winter olympics highlights, the events are quite foreign to most of us here in Australia!

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Louise said...

Very handy to know you have plenty of basil Anne !! - I am really enjoying reading your blog - it's very thoughtful and informative.