Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Orienteering Event

Last Sunday was the 8th event in the State Series of foot/bush orienteering. It was held in nice weather at "Belltopper Hill" between Taradale and Malmsbury on the old Calder Highway in Central Victoria. The area was very heavily mined for gold in the 19th century so we had to look out for marked and unmarked mineshafts as we jogged around. There were plenty of diggings heaps in the creek regions! There were also quite a few groups of kangaroos jumping around and we even saw a big fat fox run across a track.

There was a big turnout, with quite a few orienteers having their last practices before the national championships, and it was well run by the host club. The junior squad tent was a good meeting point for the juniors and the toasties and drinks proved popular.

I was really pleased with my run and enjoyed the spur - gully terrain.

As you can see I had 9 controls to visit, with most of the navigation cross country as there were no tracks close by. I found them pretty well and was only slowed down by a few steep hills (spurs)!

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