Monday, 10 October 2011

Australian Orienteering Carnival

My 16 year old son and I have just returned form the Australian Orienteering Carnival. He was representing the Victorian Schools team, me I was just keen. It is a good sport for all ages as anyone can compete in the "nationals" - in their own age class and they even have shorter distance classes for those who are less inclined to run and prefer to walk or jog/walk (me). You still get all the fun of challenging navigation and experiencing different terrain all round the country! It was combined with the Oceania Carnival so we had a team of new Zealanders along too (great at running hills ....).

We visited Wangaratta, Rowdy Flat near Yackandandah, Warby Ranges, Murraguldrie State Forest near Wagga Wagga, and "Gaerloch" a sheep grazing property near Badja State Forest east of Cooma.

We both made a few errors here and there but had some very satisfying results as well. 5th in the W45 AS Australian long distance event was my best and I also was happy with 10th in the Sprint and something like 4th female in the 4.7 km event that was the same as the schools junior boys event mid-week.

After so many years of drought the countryside was picture perfect! The drive across the Snowy Mtns Hwy to Cooma was interesting with wildlife such as kangaroos, emus and brumbies seen and I stopped at several lookouts and to visit the Yarrangobilly Caves and  Thermal Pool.

The town of Talbingo reflected in Blowering Dam.

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