Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Treats

I saw these little mini Christmas puddings on another blog (Wendy's) and made my own version. Aren't they cute? We are having our quilting group's get together today for lunch. The puddings are made from Dark Chocolate Royals biscuits, royal icing, Jaffas and sliced green "musk" sticks. *Another version I have seen uses red M and Ms and snipped mint leaves with white choc melts instead of icing.

I aslo made a fruit cake for each of my friends from a recipe gleaned from the Glen Innes CWA or Anglican Church catering ladies (many of whom are, or were, one and the same!). They are steamed in "soup" tins, not baked.


Anne said...

Oh yum - really missing baking at the moment. My oven decided to "die" just recently, sigh. Never mind, means my dd's become the Christmas fairies and do it all instead, lol.

ARTwendy ... said...

Hey there Anne ... think it was possibly mine?? They are great fun aren't they!! Cheers, Wendy