Monday, 5 November 2012

Royal Botanic Gardens

What a great way to spend "Cup" Monday - a visit to te Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. It was a balmy warm day of about 27 degrees but with cloud cover and a gentle breeze ...ahh. We wandered toward the "renovated" Guilfoyle's Volcano which was an almost forgotten reservoir on the southern border of the gardens. It has been made over as an arid landscape and the design is brilliant! Many of the cacti were flowering as a bonus.

We had a lovely salad and glass of wine lunch at the Tearooms, then, as it started to rain, stayed on admiring the views and swans, with tea and coffee and a scone! Very relaxing outdoors under the verandah ... When the rain finished we walked the rest of the gardens, the perennials and rhododendrons were a highlight.

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