Thursday, 15 April 2010

London day 1

Here is the courtyard at our apartment complex. With double glazing and inward facing windows it was very quiet and peaceful, although close to busy roads and a hospital. A relaxing base to return to each night (exhausted!).

The first day we did the South Bank of the Thames walk. We stayed near Borough Station but could easily walk to London bridge and then along to Tower bridge. My husband's conference was to be at the new City Hall (next picture) which we quickly located. It is all glass exterior and has a spiral staircase and is nick-named "the testicle" but we didn't think the connection was that obvious ... We managed to visit two bike shops nearby and purchase sandwiches from Marks & Spencer's large range as well as spend 20p each on a loo visit.

Next we looked at Southwark Cathedral which was stunning in its architecture. William Shakespeare lived in the parish and attended his brother Edward's funeral there. Then it was on to the replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship the "Golden Hind" (very small) and past the recreated Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge and to the London Eye for a ride and stunning views of London on a sunny blue skies day!

We dined on soup/roll and chilli con carne in  a cafe and crossed Westminster bridge to Big Ben and the Abbey. At BP15 each we didn't tour the Abbey again and then caught the tube to Hampstead for our next walk.

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