Friday, 2 April 2010

V & A Museum Purchases

The V&A with Liberty of London commissioned a range of reproduction fabrics for the exhibition. These are available at Liberty and the V&A or their online stores. The fabric is 150 cm wide  which is about 59 inches compared to normal quilting fabric of 42 inches. It was good value per metre or half metre (11.50 Pounds) but FQ and charm collections were very expensive - charms 'squares' of about 6 x 8 inches were about 1 pound each. I deduced that cutting must be a very expensive business! Interestingly Liberty advertised the new collection at its store with a display of several "love" quilts which were reported as obscene in the newspaper and had been removed by the time I visited. I didn't quite get the connection and will have to read my book closely for clues ... it certainly wasn't a 'feminist' exhibition! I bought a selection of the 35 fabrics plus some coasters with blocks from one of my favourite quilts.

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Michelle said...

I love the blue and brown fabrics, Anne.