Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter 3-Days Carnival

Based in Stanthorpe this year, the carnival was a lot of fun. Many club members travelled up from Melbourne and all the states were represented amongst the 700 plus competitors. There were 20 ladies in my age class! My son hurt his foot and had to withdraw but I managed to finish all of my three events and came in 9/20 overall. Unfortunately I had one bad "leg" on each of the first and third days but ran cleanly on the second. The conditions were also too hot for me at 24-26 degrees! Someone forgot to throw the cool climate autumn switch ... The burrs and grass seeds that we all picked up on shoes, socks and clothing made for interesting discussion and heads down under the tents when we finished. Will the graziers have a very mixed bunch of weeds spring up in the assembly areas next Spring?

The terrain with plenty of granite rocks was scenic but tricky to navigate for some. I actually preferred the spur-gully on the middle day, that many found vague and challenging. Luckily my course didn't take me near the lantana that many were cursing.

Philippa "The Legend" L-C won our age group by being consistent the whole three days. Well done!!

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