Wednesday, 6 January 2010

First Etsy Purchase

I received some cash for Christmas from my mother in law and decided to purchase online from an Etsy store I had been browsing. These two lovely fresh tea towels came from Susie at Flower Press. They are hand printed on natural coloured linen. The service was great so I could certainly recommend her.


Michelle said...

Too lovely to use, Anne!
I like that you have lots of photos on your blog. I'm still working out a way to add more photos to mine. Can only have so many photos of my computer or coloured pens.

Anne said...

Michelle - how about taking some photos of antique book covers or illustrations, or going for a walk and taking a bunch of natural or built environment photos then loading them into a file to choose from later when you post?

Michelle said...

I like the idea of antique book covers and also perhaps making my own library of photos for future use. Will keep my eyes open while I am away. Holidays are a great time to take photos.