Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Baking day

Today it was time to restock the pantry with home baked treats ... Chocolate Express Cake (dairy and egg free) and Scottish Parkin.

The Chocolate Cake is a quick one bowl cake that is delightfully moist and chocolatey.

The Parkin is from K's recipe and uses oats and treacle and keeps very well. It has to cool in the tray and be cut much later ... if I can wait!

 If you would like either recipe, please leave a comment.


PatchworkRose said...

I would love both recipes please. I have two hungry teenage boys who adore chocolate cake and one just happens to be 17 next week :-)

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Anne Tried the Parkin tonight and I am a convert. It is Yummm. Perfect Winter Comfort food :-)DH thought so too. Heaven help me when the boys get a taste!

tjs said...

Hi Anne

I would love the chocolate cake recipe, Vic loves chocolate!!