Saturday, 26 June 2010

Charm Square Quilt Underway

Yesterday at my regular quilters' gathering (or "knees up" as it is known to the family) I cut the chenille squares for my Kaffe Fassett charm square quilt in pastel fabrics. The chenille squares provide textural interest! And remind us of our childhoods with chenille bedspreads and dressing gowns ... Next I laid all the squares out on the 'design' floor and added in the chenille ones until I had 12 rows of 10 squares. We spent some time moving squares around until we were satisfied with the "ordered randomness". This quick quilt will have a white chenille border and larger floral border and is designed to go over a white doona cover.

The darker squares from the charm packs (with reds, browns, purples, blacks and greens) will make another different quilt.

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