Sunday, 10 October 2010

VIC Long Distance Orienteering Championships

Today we travelled to Joyce's Creek near Newstead in the Victorian goldfields region for the VIC Long Champs. Again it was a lovely day just right for running round the bush! It was fairly fast running terrain (not my forte!) with complex indistinct spurs and gullies with lots of interesting locations for controls.

I had a very bad day ... had trouble finding my first two controls and recorded a slow time as a result! My only claim to fame was winning the club finish chute handicap as I really put on a good sprint to make up for my earlier mistakes. It was also the fastest time split for the competitors in my age group so that was a nice consolation...

The boy however came first in his age group and had to run around 8 km. Three of the junior boys in the club took out 1sts in M12, M14 and M16 scoring a lot of points for the inter-club championship and for their individual series totals.

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