Saturday, 9 October 2010

Victorian Middle Distance "O" Championships

Today we travelled to an area called Spring Gully which is near Campbell's Creek (Castlemaine) for the VIC Middle Distance Champs and State Series #9 event. It was a "beaut" day for it and the course was really challenging which is the aim for VIC champs and when doing hard navigation classes. Not too hilly but the gullies were tough with lots of small erosion gullies and gold diggings and plenty of gorse and blackberries as well as a spiky reedy plant.

Some of the gang at the Bayside Kangaroos tent. It was nice to have the tent (thanks Bruce) ... we all got a bit of colour from the sun.

I had a good run except for looking a gully too early for one control and wasting a lot of time and energy! My son and I ran the same course today but he was 30 minutes faster ... never mind, that's the way it should be. Tomorrow is the VIC Long Champs and the lad has to run 8.1 km compared to my 3.8 so that will test him out.

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